Welcome to theSpaceUK's Information for Performers

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The information on these pages is intended for theatre companies performing with us in 2019. If you don't fall into this category, please visit the main theSpaceUK website.

Company Handbook

Our Company Handbook, which is our guide to staging a show with us, what you can expect and what you should be doing is available for download here. It contains a wealth of information for anyone planning to produce a show at one of our venues.

Managing your Company and Show

This site also enables you to view and edit the information we hold about your theatre company and show(s). During the pre-production process, we'll ask you for various details (such as the names of the members of your theatre company, the sypnosis and publicity information for your show and safety information about your performances - all of this information can be entered via the forms on this site.

Venue Technical Specifications

What the Company Handbook is for your Producer, the Technical Specification is for your technicians. You can view the Technical Specification documents and plans for all our venues by clicking here. These pages explain what equipment and facilities each venue has, and contain information on how the venue operates.

Frequently Asked Questions

We're collated the questions we're regularly asked and summarised them with our answers on the FAQ page.


The Fringe produce a publication which has some detail on the Health and Safety requirements of running a show. Although it's aimed at venue operators, please give it a read - particularly the chapters on Fire Safety and Special Effects. You can find it here.

Of course, if you'd prefer to talk to us personally, we're available. Login for contact details.