Publicity Materials

The key parts of this site are as follows:

Company Details

You can see the name by which we recognise your company, and you can edit your list of company members.

Shows and Performances

You can see the information we publish for your show(s) including the descriptions and ticket prices.


You can enter the required safety information about your show(s).


You can keep track of your shows' sales.

How Do I..?

What is a pre-production manager and how do I know who mine is?

Your pre-production manager is a member of theSpaceUK's senior technical team whose job it is to prepare you for performing with us at the Fringe. They can answer all of your questions about staging, our venues, box office and anything else besides.

The name of your pre-production manager can be found on the Home page.

How do I find out the e-mail address of my pre-production manager?

On the Home page, the name of your pre-production manager is a link that will open a new e-mail message to them.

How do I know when information needs to be submitted by?

Deadlines are listed under the Tasks section of the Home page.

Company and casts

How do I see or change my theatre company name?

See the Company Details page. There is a link to change your name.

How do I add a new member of cast?

Use the add a member of your company button at the bottom of the Company Details page.

How do I delete a member of cast from our company members list?

Use the delete link in that cast member's business card on the Company Details page.

How do I add or edit a primary or technical contact to my company?

You can't do this through the web, please e-mail us.

Shows and Performances

How do I change the description for our show?

Click Edit show information on the Shows and Performances page. You can modify the title, description and related information.

Click Edit show information on the Shows and Performances page. There is a box for your website address.

How do I change the picture you have for our show?

The picture comes directly from the Edinburgh Fringe website so you should contact them.

How do I change our performance time or duration?

This is not possible through the web. Please e-mail us.

How do I change our ticket price?

Click Edit ticket prices on the Shows and Performances page. You can change the ticket sale price for all shows up to 24 hours before the start.

How do I tell the box office about ticket offers, 2-for-1 deals, etc?

This is not possible through the web. Please e-mail us or come and see us in person at the box office!

I am performing more than one show but only one show is visible - where can I find the others?

At the top of the Shows and Performances page, to the right of your show title, you'll find a drop down arrow allowing you to choose from all of the shows you're performing with us.


How do I start or continue editing my safety information?

Your show(s) are listed on the Safety page together with a link to the safety form for each. Click the link to review or edit.

I don't understand what is required by the safety form?

The Basic Information part of the form is laid out as a series of questions with a list of options to select as the answer. Check each one and pick the most suitable answer.

The Set and props part of the form allows you to describe what you're using. Each box has some guideline notes immediately below it.w

The Special Effects section has tick-boxes for common effects, but note you must talk to us separately about these; just ticking the box doesn't automatically mean we give you permission to use them!

Use the Notes section for anything else you may wish to add.

The Risk Assessment section is for you to tell us what hazards, if any, you have identified in your show and what you intend to do to manage those risks. The top of each column includes a guideline to what you should write in each box.

How do I add another line to the risk assessment section?

Click the little green '+' sign at the bottom of the section.

Can I save my form part-way through?

Yes, use the Save for later completion button at the bottom of the form.

I've finished my safety form, what next?

Send the form to us for approval. Use the Submit to theSpaceUK button at the bottom of the form.